Marie-Laure Group

Founded in 1982, Marie-Laure PLV developed from the beginning by providing a comprehensive response to its customers. Today, with an experience of over 20 years, Marie-Laure PLV is one of Europe's leader in Point of Sale (POS) Advertising.

With a diversified portfolio in the sectors of Luxury, Cosmetics (Selective Distribution - Pharmacy or Mass-Market Retail) and Automotive, the Group employs over 300 people worldwide


  • Know-how as an integrator

    Marie-Laure PLV is with you from design to production of your displays and furniture

  • Multi-materials Expertise

    Plastic injection & inlaid work, metal, wood, cardboard

  • Three requirements

    • Reactivity
    • Reliability
    • Quality


A customer-centric organization

Multi-specialists expertise: design, development, estimates updrawing, prototyping, production

Integrated factories within 200 km from Paris

  • Metal pole near Marne La Vallee
  • Injection pole near Evreux
  • Multi-materials pole at Nogent Le Rotrou

Design / Creation

Our Design / Creation teams work for most of the major brands of the following business sectors 

  • Cosmetics
  • Healthcare
  • Luxury
  • Scripture
  • Mass-market Retail, ...

Over 50% of our productions are from our own graphic arts teams.

To provide an integrated service to our clients, we can also produce pieces of the POS advertising sets entrusted to us.


Engineering / Development

The Engineering / Development service, grouped at the headquarters, includes specialists both in technique and material: metal, wood, plastic injection and inlaid work.

This expertise enables us to offer the best quality/price/material ratio, depending on the lifespan of the POS advetising.



Close to the development service, our model builders translate, as soon as possible, into volumes the developments proposed by our engineers.



Our production takes place in three plants:

  • Promo Action, in Nogent le Rotrou, with a surface area of 20 000 m², incorporates a plastic unit with CNC machines, laser cutting, thermo-folding, diamond polisher, serigraphy, hot stamping, painting booth and lines of manual and automatic packaging.

Located on the same site, the unit is equipped with cardboard cutters, cutting plates, gluing machines and fabrication and packaging workshop that allows us to offer filled or empty POS advertisement.


  • Créaplast near Evreux is the group’s second plastic unit. This unit is specialized in injection molding and thermoforming. It manufactures itself its own tools, has injection molding machines ranging from 60 to 350 tons, thermo formers up to 800 x 1400 platinum, 3 and 5-axis CNC machines, serigraphy and hot stamping machines and a completion workshop.


  • A metal unit, Largillier, at Chevry Cossigny, assembles all metal POS advertisement with different welding stations, its CNC machines, bending presses, its welding robot and environmentally friendly paint booth



We deliver and install all POS adevertisement in France and most countries in Europe, with reporting in 24 hours, and manage updates and customer service according to requests.


Quality Insurance

Our Quality Managers ensure the redaction of a control checklist in partnership with our customers. Our teams have been trained to implement quality procedures as closely as possible.


Turn-key Project Management

Marie Laure group offers a comprehensive project management service that inludes, from the initial brief:

  • design,
  • models
  • prototypes for test stores
  • mass production
  • storage
  • deployment
  • update
  • customer service.